Data Backup and Restoration Method

When you change your device, you can move your saved data to the new device.

Steps are as follows:

A Google account is required for backup and restoration.

1. Back up your data on your old device.

2. Restore the data on your new device.

  • ※The steps above are applied to data transfer between iPhone and Android devices.
  • These backup and restoration steps are useful not only when changing devices, but also on the same device.
  • We recommend that you back up data on your device every 3 months to prevent data loss.

1.Backup Method

  • Open Card List > Account Settings > Data Backup

Conduct back up on the device you are using.
You need a Google Account to conduct backup for the first time.

What can be backed up?

  • All downloaded play data
  • Notes

What can NOT be backed up?

  • Your widget settings
  • Notification display
  • ※Your display settings revert to default display settings after restoration.

2.Restoration Method

  • Start the app (If you are logged in, log out) > Restore backed up data

Set up the Google Account you conducted backup, then restore.


  • Backup data is stored in Google Drive. You can not back up if you do not have enough free space in Google Drive.
  • ·When you restore, all data in your device will be replaced with the backed up data.
  • If you have any problem after the restoration such as unable to log in, you need to conduct backup again using your old device.