Main functions

◆Latest figures in 01 and CRICKET GAMES

You feel like, "You are winning more than your actual STATS.” or “You are hitting more CRICKET numbers than before.” This app shows your darts improvement more clearly even minor ones. Knowing your skill and performance characteristic will make your practice more effective.

◆ Longer-term Data Availability

In addition to RATING and STATS, your game results remain available longer.
Long-term record of your performance is available.

◆ Group Function

You can create a group of your darts friends, check group members’ rankings and compare your performance to theirs. You can also find “Currently playing members”.

◆ Dashboard feature

"Hit BULL 100 times a month, or not doing well in CRICKET, etc
Add your high-priority items to Dashboard and monitor them.

◆ Precious dates, such as; your first AWARD and darts anniversaries

How many years have passed since you first played DARTSLIVE?
The time you hit your first HAT TRICK and etc.
Various data for great darts conversation(Some data prior to Nov, 2014 may not available.) Details