It is a feature that allows you to keep the players you have played DARTSLIVE with as Friends. You can easily view their profile with this feature.

When your Friends play, the shop they are playing in is displayed.

How to become a Friend

When players who have obtained cards and have already signed up to the DARTSLIVE app play together, they become Friends.

  • *Players do not become Friends if they have not logged in to the app, or if they are not using a Card.

Block a Friend

How to block a Friend

Block option will appear if you follow the steps below on TOP Page of Friend.

iOS Find the Friend to block and swipe left
Android Tap and hold the Friend you want to block
How to unblock a Friend

You can unblock a Friend from "TOP Page of FRIENDS> FRIENDS Settings > Blocked Friends".

What happens when you block a Friend?
  • Blocked Friend no longer appears in your Friend list
  • You still appear in the Friend list of the blocked person, but he/she can not see if you are playing.
  • Your Play Notification does not go to the blocked Friend.

Even if you block a Friend, the person can still access your profile. If you want to deny the Profile Access, please change the settings.

You can set the settings from "TOP Page of FRIENDS > FRIENDS Settings > Profile Access Settings ".