What an administrator can do

How to access

  • GROUP > Top of each group >
  • Members can also be invited from the top page of each group.

Member invitation

Group request can be sent from "Member invitation".

Who can be invited

You can invite players whom you had a match with after using this app.

No. of people you can invite

The number of invitations you can send appear on the screen. As the group upper limit is 50, you can NOT send invites beyond that.

Cancel invitation

To cancel a sent invite, please select "Cancel" from "Group Information > Member List > Inviting"

Edit Group

From "Edit Group", you can edit the basic group information.

Group Name

You can change your group name. The change will appear in the group history.

Home Shop

You can set and change your HOME SHOP. The change will appear in the group history.


You can change your group leader.

Comments to group members

You can post messages to group members, and an older message will disappear after writing a new message.

Group Icon

Set and change a group icon image

Cover Photo

Set and change a group cover image

Member Administration

From the "Member List", you can manage current members and prospective members to whom you sent an invite.

Make this person as administrator・Remove from administrator

You can assign or remove an administrator role. To remove your administrator role, you need to assign the role to other member and the member can remove your role.

Remove this person

Group members can be removed. If you want to leave the group, please select "Exit Group" from "Group Information".

Cancel invitation

You can cancel an invite from "Cancel" on the inviting members.